BCPI Investigative Services

The problem of missing children is a global issue that needs the attention of law enforcement, the public and government officials around the world. Every day, all around the world, children go missing, run away, or are abducted by family or non-family members, and as a result, they face a heightened level of vulnerability and increased risk of exploitation. While there are some children who are reported missing return on their own after a short period of time, the longer a child is missing, the more vulnerable he/she becomes. When this happens, it can be frustrating for law enforcement agencies to locate any missing child due to lack of manpower, budgeting or their leads diminish and the case becomes cold. This is also frustrating and heart breaking for the affected families as well.

We at BCPI believe that the cold case methodology has quietly evolved to a new process that’s much more complex and elaborate than the original version. In combating the complexity of these cold cases, having teams of Special Agents, Criminal Analysts and Forensic Science Technicians can obtain either the whereabouts of a missing child, convictions of the perpetrators and bring some sense of closure and justice to victim families. We believe that team concept is the best solution to solving cold cases than having a single investigator pouring over old files with a pencil and a pad of paper. This concept are standard cold case practices for BCPI and is used to pursue and link perpetrators to their crimes, obtain convictions and bring some sense of closure and justice to victim families.

Our Special Agents specialize in reviewing crimes from both a behavioral and investigative perspective. It involves reviewing and assessing the facts of a criminal act, interpreting offender behavior, and interaction with the victim, as exhibited during the commission of the crime, or as displayed in the crime scene. In doing so, our special agents will put together a psychological profile that helps identify the perpetrator(s).

The development and use of Criminal Analysts in the cold case arena has brought some new thinkers into the hunt. Analysts approach the problems from a slightly different angle: They use computers to hunt for data, trends, patterns and crunch numbers to provide leads and insights to the Special Agents. Criminal analysts have been plugged into cold cases to develop targeting packages for suspects, to review and identify phone records, cell phone tower mapping, locate financial records and to provide link analysis of previously unconnected or unobserved information. They use a variety of software to sift and collate data which may be helpful to display and organize the information in graphic presentations suitable for viewing by prosecutors or in court.

Our Forensic Science Technician investigates crimes by collecting and analyzing physical evidence. They perform tests such as DNA analysis or firearm examination, weapons or on substances such as fiber, glass, hair, tissue, and body fluids to determine their significance to the investigation. Proper collection and storage methods are important to protect the evidence. Our Forensic Science Technician also prepares factual reports to document their findings and the laboratory techniques used, and they provide information and expert opinions to our special investigative units.

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